Competition Mat

Tiffin Wrestling Mats are lightweight and easy to handle, with minimal setup.

The flexible cut feature is standard on all of our wrestling mats allowing one person to easily setup and break down a competition floor in just a few minutes.

Our mats are made from the best quality materials with the highest level of attention throughout the process; from when the material arrives, through the assembling process, to adding details and markings, until they leave our doors our products are looked after and cared for.

We offer hand painted logos on our mats. One of our talented artists will hand paint your logo, school/organization name, or insignia directly on your mat. We use high quality paints that are made to last, call a sales rep today.

    Impact Tested

    Wrestling Mat Vinyl Specs

  • 24oz. non-slip, non-abrasive vinyl surface
  • Built in antimicrobial protection
  • 10 Unique colors (subject to availability)

    Wrestling Mat Foam Specs

  • Closed-cell Cross-Linked polyethylene foam
  • Maximum shock absorbtion
  • Long Lasting Durability

    Wrestling Mat Features

  • A true multi-sport mat for Wrestling and Martial Arts
  • Permanently heat-bonded together for maximum strengthLong Lasting Durability
  • Portable and Lightweight - easy to move and set up
  • Will not harden or shrink
  • No reconditioning or cover repair required
  • Outstanding performance and durability
Competition Wrestling Mat

Wrestling Mat Colors:

royal blue navy blue red purple yellow green black maroon

Limited Colors:

orange gray