Deluxe Inclines

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Deluxe Inclines are an extremely versatile teaching aid for any skill level!

Learn to tumble along with gravity while learning back handsprings and back tucks. And with the Deluxe Incline, you'll have an extra padded layer of polyurethane for extra protection and an extra kick to your performance.

Available in non-folding and single fold designs.

Folding inclines fold in half for compact storage and easy carrying for setup or breakdown of a training space or area.


  • Heavy-duty 18oz covers can withstand the roughest activities
  • Dense 55 ILD polyurethane foam gives support with an extra added layer of polyurethane
  • Heavy duty zipper closure
  • Handles provide easy portability

*Prices and Shipping Subject to change

Deluxe Incline Blue/Red Deluxe Incline Folded
Deluxe Incline Blue/Red Deluxe Incline Folded

18oz Vinyl Colors: (Custom Color Combinations Available)

royal blue red yellow green orange gray black light blue lime green pink purple

DIN Deluxe Inclines:

DIN 48" x 72" x 16" Non-fold Blue/Yellow $319.00
DIN 60" x 84" x 18" Non-fold Red/Yellow $499.00
DIN 48" x 72" x 16" Single-fold Red/Yellow $403.00
DIN 60" x 120" x 24" Single-fold Red/Yellow $869.00