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Fall-Ez™ Mats

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Safely Reduce Your Restrained Population, Lower Side Rails, and Give Your Residents Freedom and Protection at the Same Time!

Now major injuries due to "falls" can become a thing of the past. The FALL-Ez™ safety mat is a bedside mat designed to provide maximum coverage for the "high risk" resident.

When properly placed, adjacent to the resident's bed, injuries resulting from falls suffered while getting out of bed, can be greatly reduced, and when not in use the FALL-Ez™ safety mat can be folded in half and easily stored behind or under the bed. Because the FALL-Ez™ safety mat is designed so your caregiver can walk on it and maintain good foot support, there is no need to move it out of the way while direct resident care is being provided.

Developed by professionals for use by professionals. FALL-Ez™ mats are designed for the most important people in the world...your residents! Several clinicians, including D.O.N's and physical therapists from various facilities have combined their talents and efforts with those of experienced gymnasium mat designers to create the FALL-Ez™ safety mat.

This unique mat is NOT a gymnasium or exercise mat, but rather, it is specially designed medical safety mat used to help prevent injuries that often occur in the long term care setting.

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fall-ez mat Standing fall-ez mat Folded fall-ez mat Flat
fall-ez mat Standing fall-ez mat Folded fall-ez mat Flat
30" x 70" 2" 18oz dual-foam combination $120.00