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Inclines are extremely versatile for any skill level!

Inclines help you to tumble along with gravity while learning back handsprings and back tucks.

Available in non-folding and single fold designs.

Folding inclines fold in half for compact storage and easy carrying for setup or breakdown of a training space or area.


  • Heavy-duty 18oz covers can withstand the roughest activities
  • Dense 55 ILD polyurethane foam gives support
  • Heavy duty zipper closures
  • Handles provide easy portability

*Prices and Shipping Subject to change

Incline Sizes
Incline Sizes Incline Red/Yellow Folded Incline

18oz Vinyl Colors: (Custom Color Combinations Available)

royal blue red yellow green orange gray black light blue lime green pink purple

INX Inclines:

INX 23" x 37" x 14" Non-fold Blue/Yellow $119.00
INX 36" x 72" x 16" Non-fold Green/Yellow $240.00
INX 48" x 72" x 16" Non-fold Blue/Yellow $295.00
INX 60" x 84" x 18" Non-fold Red/Yellow $455.00
INX 28" x 72" x 16" Single-fold Red/Blue $215.00
INX 36" x 72" x 16" Single-fold Red/Yellow $299.00
INX 48" x 72" x 16" Single-fold Red/Yellow $359.00
INX 60" x 120" x 24" Single-fold Red/Yellow $819.00


"Thanks for all of your help in getting this incline mat for my daughter's Christmas present. I was behind in getting this ordered early, but you were so helpful and accommodating. I appreciate you helping me and have already passed on your company's website to a friend." -Kim L., North Carolina