Level 4 Vault System

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The Level 4 Vaulting System consists of one 32" Modular Pit and two 8" Training Mats. The velcro system allows the height to be adjusted from 32" to 48". This versatility allows you to suit each of your gymnast's needs.

The top mat surface has a sewn strip of white vinyl to indicate the USAG required hand placement zone 32" from the edge.

  • Meets all specs for Level 4 J.O. Vaulting
  • Adjusts to provide heights of 32". 40". 48"
  • 4" Velcro Flap on front and back edge
  • 5' x 10' x 32" modular pit and (2) 5' x 10' x 8" skill cushions

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Level 4 Vault System
Level 4 Vault System

Vinyl Colors:

royal blue light blue red purple pink yellow orange green lime green black gray


L4VS 5' x 10' $2,495.00
L4VS 6' x 12' $3,595.00