Rock Wall Climbing Floor Surfaces

Tiffin offers custom designed flooring materials which are easy to install in your own facility. Enhance your image, protect your clients, Improve your visibility.

Contact Tiffin Mats to find out how we can help you turn your present facility into a modern and safer facility.

This unique dual-core foam system gives your facility a modern look that helps provide safety and is easy to maintain.

With our system, your clients and climbing enthusiasts will be able to work over a cushioned base with confidence and sure footing.

  • *1-3/8" Premium EcoSport Mat $2.60/ft² *STANDARD CUT ONLY*
  • 3-1/2" Underlayment Poly Foam $3.75/ft²
  • Optional Vinyl Skirting $1.76/LF
  • Velcro Securing Straps Roll $32/roll or *FREE with purchase of Carpet Foam

* Other carpet sizes and colors available, call for info

"Ankle injuries are an unfortunate, yet common consequence of falling while bouldering. Since the introduction of Tiffin's new pads we have not seen a single ankle injury."
- Mike Wolfert - Owner - The Cliffs at Valhalla

"Tiffin Mats offers quality products that they stand behind"
- Matt McCorquodale - President - The Delaware Rock Gym, Inc.

"The Tiffin mat is great for providing added comfort to the kids climbing the cargo net. If they happen to fall off or jump off, the mat is great for preventing injuries."
~ Chris Arnold - Physically Fit, Shelton, CT

Carpet Foam Colors:

royal blue red purple black gray