Soft Edge Training Mats

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Our Soft Edge Training Mat has a tapered edge to help reduce any serious ankle or leg injuries caused by landing on the edge of a standard training mat.

This mat is made of an 18 oz. knife-coated vinyl fabric and is compiled with 8" or 12" of dual layer prime polyurethane foam. As such, it offers a firm landing area, with enough softness to reduce the shock of landing.

The red top offers an easy visual for safe landing when traversing at high elevations and the tapered edges are easily visible from this view.

This landing mat can be used for other activities, such as:

  • Cheerleading
  • Martial Arts
  • Gymnastics
  • Physical Education.

Our Soft Edge Training Mats come with standard colors, call for custom color combinations.

*Prices and Shipping Subject to change

Soft Edge Training Mat Soft Edge Training Mat

Soft Edge Training Mat Soft Edge Training Mat

18oz Vinyl Colors:

royal blue red yellow green orange gray black light blue lime green pink purple
8" 5' x 5' Red/Blue $355.00
8" 6' x 10' Red/Blue $655.00
8" 6' x 12' Red/Blue $792.00
8" 8' x 8' Red/Blue $699.00
8" 8' x 12' Red/Blue $1099.00
12" 6' x 10' Red/Blue $840.00
12" 6' x 12' Red/Blue $999.00
12" 8' x 8' Red/Blue $896.00
12" 8' x 12' Red/Blue $1395.00