Standard Cover

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(Product Code: T100)

Our Standard Cover allows instructors to take a more permanent approach to installing a vinyl flooring system in their facility. This Cover exceeds the needs of most striking and grappling schools. This system is durable enough to endure the highest level of combative activity

  • Made of 18oz Heavy Duty Vinyl
  • Built-in antimicrobial compound that prevents the spread of bacteria
  • Easily cleaned with mild soap and water
  • Used by some of the top martial arts schools in the United States
  • Comes with an easy Self - Installation Guide

Our Standard Cover is hand stretched over foam base and stapled to wood furring strip frame. Add 1 foot to length and width when ordering cover.

  • 0-1,000 ft2 $0.95/ ft2
  • 1,001+ ft2 $0.90/ ft2

* Send us a drawing with the EXACT dimensions of your floor via fax (410-398-7397) for a custom quote.

Martial Arts Floor Systems All Martial Arts Floor Systems are non-returnable and non-refundable. However, if there is an error that is proven to be at the fault of the manufacturer, then our policy is to arrange a pickup of your floor or cover to be repaired. We will repair the floor or cover including expanding and cutting down, but we will not remake the cover.

Deluxe Flooring Colors:

royal blue red yellow yellow green green gray black light blue
Standard Cover Cutaway Deluxe Cover Set Up Deluxe Cover Set Up Deluxe Cover Set Up Deluxe Cover Set Up
Standard Cover Cutaway Deluxe Cover 1 Deluxe Cover 2 Deluxe Cover 3 Deluxe Cover 4