A New Concept in Match Mats! Bring the Fanfare of an MMA Event to Your Competition Today!

Tiffin Mats proudly introduces the first of its kind, The Octagon Match Mat, to the sport of wrestling. Make your tournament stand out as THE big event in an MMA style presentation. Dim the gymnasium, add a spotlight, and suddenly your championship matches showcase the wrestlers in a way never before achieved in amateur wrestling. Be the first in your area to join this growing trend.

Our mats are made from the best quality materials with the highest level of attention throughout the process; from when the material arrives, through the assembling process, to adding details and markings, until they leave our doors our products are looked after and cared for.

We offer hand painted logos on our mats. One of our talented artists will hand paint your logo, school/organization name, or insignia directly on your mat using high quality paints that are made to last.

Call our sales team today for more information and pricing and save up to $1,000!

    Impact Tested

    The Octagon Match Mat Features

  • 42'x42' Mat
  • 1-5/8" or 2" thickness
  • Stores as two 60' rolls and three 42' rolls
  • Costs 15%-20% less than a "Standard" mat
  • Eliminates chairs being set on match corners
  • Lightweight for easy portability and assemblage
  • Custom letters and logos
  • Meets high school and college match requirements
  • Outstanding performance and long lasting durability

    The Octagon&trade Vinyl Specs

  • 24oz. non-slip, non-abrasive vinyl surface
  • Built in antimicrobial protection
  • 10 Unique colors (subject to availability)

    The Octagon Foam Specs

  • Closed-cell Cross-Linked polyethylene foam
  • Maximum shock absorbtion
  • Long Lasting Durability

The Octagon Match Mat Colors:

royal blue navy blue red purple yellow green black maroon

Limited Colors:

orange gray