The Tumble Drum is a cylinder used to develop strength, balance, Flexibility, and coordination.

Excellent for motor skill development as well as early gymnastics types of activities like vaulting or cheerleading tumble training. Many drum shapes or a single tumble drum and cradle can be incorporated into a new or existing fun activity area.

The Foam Cradles are a pair of free standing foam shapes designed to securely hold our largest 24" x 48" Tumble Drum only.

They are made to create a safe and cushioned base for the tumble drum.


  • Heavy-duty 18oz covers can withstand the roughest activities
  • Dense 55 ILD polyurethane foam gives support

*Prices and Shipping Subject to change

Tumble Drum and Cradle
Tumble Drum and Cradle

18oz Vinyl Colors: (Custom Color Combinations Available)

royal blue red yellow green orange gray black light blue lime green pink purple

TD Tumble Drum:

TD 12" x 24" Green/Yellow $76.00
TD 18" x 36" Red/Yellow $136.00
TD 24" x 48" Blue/Yellow $249.00
FC Fits 24" x 48" Yellow $182.00