Wrestling Mats and Equipment
Wrestling Mat Tape

Wrestling Mat Tape

Tiffin Wrestling Mat Tape is clear when applied so the colors of your wrestling mat show through. You can make the wrestling mat seams almost disappear. Easily create wrestling mat floor areas for training or wrestling tournaments. The wrestling mat tape is durable to withstand crinkling and tearing and removes without damaging your wrestling mats.

Wrestling Mat Replacement Foam

Wrestling Mat Replacement Foam

Tiffin Wrestling Mat Replacement Foam is ideal for wrestling mats because it provides maximum shock absorption under existing wrestling mats. Our wrestling mat replacement foam will not harden over time. Available in other sizes to easily fit your wrestling mat floor areas for schools, clubs, or teams. Please call for details.

Wrestling Mat Storage Bags

Wrestling Mat Storage Bags

Tiffin Wrestling Mat Storage Bags keep your wrestling mats in top condition. Since our competition wrestling mats are so easy to setup and take down, you can store your wrestling mats easily in our storage bags too. Perfect for schools, teams, or clubs to easily store and organize wrestling mats for daily use or in a multi-purpose room.

Storage Bags

Economy Storage Bags

Designed to give your mats the best protection for the best price Economy bags are made with Reinforced plastic, which will protect your mat from wear & tear.

Storage Straps

Storage Straps for Mats

2" thick nylon straps used to keep your mats stored away safely. Prevent damage from daily wear and tear.

Wrestling Mat Sports Spray

Clear Gear Sports Spray

Clear Gear Sports Spray is a complete ready-to-use spray that cleans disinfects and deodorizes all types of athletic equipment and gear in one easy step.

Developed out of both necessity and a painful firsthand experience, Clear Gear, an EPA approved disinfectant and deodorizing spray, was invented with one goal in mind: to help prevent the spread of illness and disease by killing dangerous germs.

Tiffin Mats is committed to producing wrestling mats and wrestling equipment with excellent quality and value. Let us show you - send us a competition wrestling mat quote and Tiffin Mats will quote match our competition wrestling mats.

It is our belief that we must work together to keep the wrestling industry going strong, which is why we make a point to hire employees that have athletic team, school, or club backgrounds. Many of our employees are athletes or coaches from our local community.

Our 1-5/8" and 2" Wrestling Mats have been ASTM Impact Tested and approved and meet ASTM F1081 / F355 standards

Bio-Pruf® All of our mats are manufactured with a built in antimicrobial protection called Bio-Pruf®. This helps protect against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This treatment is non-volatile during normal use conditions.

LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE WRESTLING MATS Tiffin wrestling mats are lightweight and portable which make our wrestling mats easy to handle by only one person. Our wrestling mats enable you have an easy and fast setup or break-down for wrestling competitions or daily practice due to the flexible cut of our wrestling mats.

When purchasing any type of Corner Protection for your wrestling mats, Tiffin recommends that when using them on top of a Tiffin wrestling mat that you either place tennis balls on the end of each chair leg or place a thin underlayment of foam underneath the carpet layment to prevent damage to the wrestling mat. CALL A SALES REP FOR DETAILS